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Veritas is a young, but an enthusiastic company full of ideas and energy, based in  Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since being established in 2013, we have already gained a diverse experience in working with people, accomplishing our goals and increasing our skills.

We work toward expanding the boundaries of education and people`s life in general. With Veritas, Ukrainians can get into one of the best universities or colleges of Europe, United States of America, Canada, and Australia.

We are a reliable company which works legally, in accordance with the word of a Law. We check every detail before delivering it to the client.


We offer our clients such services:

  • Educational support: we help young students to find the best programs which would fit their interests, needs and budget.
  • Visa support: we know how to get a visa even if a student’s situation is rather intricate or difficult.
  • Immigration: even though this process seems to be too complex, we know how to assess the situation properly, develop a strategy and then move toward client’s goal unhesitatingly.

All employees of Veritas are polite and qualified. Each of us has detailed supporting objectives which lead the company to the accomplishment of the most important organizational goal – customer satisfaction.


 Why are we worth trusting?

In order to keep up with the fast-changing world, we are constantly working on our growth as professionals. This includes attending educational events, scanning the environment, following changes in educational systems and immigration programs of different countries.

Today any client at any time can visit our website and get any kind of useful information about international education and immigration.   

Our office is located in the very center of Kyiv, that is a good point to have personal meetings with prospects clients.

We are open for partnership with reputable international institutions over the World. 


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via e-mail:

Or visit us at our office: 12 Klovsky descent, off. 52



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